What is health promotion?

Health promotion is a process of educating people about the importance of controlling and improving their health. It is a step above the individual fitness and focuses on assuring socially, physically, and environmentally fit the environment that promotes health.

Health promotion is a behavioural social-science based on the biological, psychological, physical, environmental, and medical sciences to promote health and prevent diseases, mental stress, and premature deaths. It is the development of individuals and groups at the highest levels by educating them about health. The medical institutions do it by creating awareness and influencing people for healthier living.

There are 3 elements of health promotion

Governance for health

Health promotion needs policies approved by government departments which make health a central line under all government policies. This means that they should include health factors in all their decisions and always keep people’s health as the first priority. Such policies must be supported by regulations set for the private sector. The products in the market that can cause harm to people’s health, such as tobacco, alcohol, junk foods, and high salt and sugar products need to take the right measures to alert the buyers before they purchase the products. The government also has different policies in different urban regions based on the natural and man-made conditions to control pollution in air and water, and also alert people to wear seat belts and helmets.

Health Literacy

The citizens also need to get educated about their health choices. The health programs offer the right knowledge and skills to help people make the right health choices for themselves and also keep their family protected from any diseases and health problems. They should also have the freedom to demand better policies if it is required to improve their health.

Healthy Cities

The health programs also target the most populated regions in order to improve the overall health of society. The municipal departments need a commitment to keep the cities clean and provide healthy urban planning. Proper healthcare facilities and preventive measures in the city is an important role player by the municipality. Only with the smallest changes in society, we can develop a healthier environment for people and spread it from a city to a nation to the entire world.

Importance of Health Promotion

Health promotion is important for society in many ways considering individual health and the overall health of society. Health promotion and awareness offers several benefits to society.

Health promotion improves the health of the people, families, communities, and also the whole nation.

Health promotion helps in enhancing the quality of life for people and offer them a healthier environment.

Health promotion helps society in reducing the rate of premature deaths and helps people live longer.

Health promotion also reduces the costs of expenses on medical treatments for individuals and families by introducing preventive measures to stay immune to the diseases.