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  • Jancey, J., Holt, Anne-Marie., Lee, Andy., Kerr, Deborah., Robinson, Suzanne., Tang, Li., Anderson, A.S., Hills, Andrew., and Howat, Peter (Australia) - Research Article

    841. Effects of a physical activity and nutrition program in retirement villages: a cluster randomised controlled trial

    Learn about the effects of an intervention for older people in residential settings.

  • Rochelle M Eime, Melanie J Charity, Jack T Harvey, Warren R Payne (Australia) - Research Article

    706. Participation in sport and physical activity: associations with socio-economic status and geographical remoteness

    Find out how physical activity and participation in almost 100 sports across Australia varies according to location of residence and social advantage.

  • Herman Pontzer, David A. Raichlen, Brian M. Wood, Audax Z. P. Mabulla, Susan B. Racette, Frank W. Marlowe (United States) - Research Article

    413. Hunter-Gatherer Energetics and Human Obesity

    This paper on the energy expenditure in Hunter Gather populations compares them with farmers and with western developed populations. The study is by a group of anthropologists from the USA. They measured the Hadza people, a Hunter Gather population in Northern Tanzania. This important work examines total energy expenditure (TEE) and possible reasons for obesity in industrialised society where energy expenditure is less than energy intake is greater.

  • Red Dust Role Models (Australia) - Website

    329. Red Dust Role Models

    Red Dust Role Models is a non-profit health promotion charity that seeks to improve the health and wellbeing of disadvantaged youth in remote communities. See http://www.reddust.org.au/

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