It has been shown in the studies that regular physical activities can improve health and physical fitness while keeping the diseases away. Adults who are physically active are healthier and more physically fit than inactive adults. Many programs and health organisations are promoting physical activities among adults. It is important to understand the importance of physical activities and how it will benefit an adult person. Even a small amount of physical activity can add up benefits for adults.

There are three major types of physical activities

Aerobics Activities

Aerobic activity is necessary for every adult who wants to gain max health benefits. They should dedicate at least two and a half hours every week for moderate-intensity aerobic activity and at least one and a half-hour every week for high-intensity physical activity. Performing aerobic activities for three days a week can reduce fatigue and reduce the risk of injury. Some of the moderate physical activities are brisk walking, tennis, bicycling, and water aerobics. This will be a good start for inactive adults. For High-level physical activities, one should racewalk, do swimming laps, speed cycle at 10 miles per hour, play basketball or football, or learn martial arts.

Muscle Strengthening Activities

The muscle-strengthening activities help in increasing bone strength and muscle fitness. These activities are especially recommended for those who want a strong and well-shaped body. A regular adult should participate in muscle-strengthening exercises at least twice a week. During this routine, they should focus on legs, hips, chest, abdomen, arms and shoulders, and the back. The more sets of 8-12 repetitions one can do, the better the health results they will get. Some of the muscle strengthening exercises include weight training, resistance training, carrying heavy loads, and heavy gardening. Regular push-ups and pull-ups through the week will keep the body active for other activities.

Flexibility Activities

Flexibility activities can start from mere stretching out to complex yoga forms. It is an equally important part of physical fitness as a flexible body will be able to deal with sudden pressure much better than a rigid body. Flexibility is also required for several other activities, like dancing and swimming. Adults need to perform flexibility activities in order to avoid the sprain in their body parts due to overstretching. There are basic stretching exercises which are easy to perform. If people need higher flexibility in their body, they can try out different yoga exercises.

How to start?

It is never too late to become healthy. Do not feel the need for rushing to become fit. Start with light exercises with moderate intensity and keep changing the activities over a period of time. Use the whole week to spread out the sessions instead  of completing it in a single day. When your body starts adapting to physical activities, you can gradually increase the level of activities. Also, consult with your doctor if you have any chronic health condition or symptoms before starting your PA routine.